Rest In Peace. John Scherer



After a long disease and an eventful life, Juniper founder resident John Scherer (flat 2) has died peacefully in hospital in the company of his immediate family.
A man of broad and passionate enthusiasm and experience, John helped many people with his generous advice and practical help with anything to do with cycling, HiFi, and even the underground rivers of London.
John was one of the original ‘Salvagers’ of Juniper House, who helped repair and rescue the block (which was then semi-derelict) from certain demolition in the late 1970’s. His efforts at that time helped provide homes for people moving in now.
In his idea of Heaven, angels would have bikes, not wings, and the music of their harps would be heard playing Studio One classics through glowing valve amplifiers. He was a man with a lot of expertise to pass on. A true individual.
John’s ashes are to be scattered in his beloved Scotland.

In memory of John, a Holly bush is to be planted near his flat (2) on Friday 13th May. 7pm..
All are welcome to attend. Please share with any friends of John who minght not yet know the news..
Refreshments available courtesy of Fay, but all contributions welcome.

John was one of the original members of Juniper House, and we could always share our memories of the early days of the block. He was one of the people I turned to whenever I needed help with my bike or any audio problems. I remember him providing me with my first hifi amp, and turntable which went on for many years in my flat and studio.
One of the outstanding and unforgetable stories I have of John was the day I took him a 20ft audio speaker cable that had stopped working. He said that somewhere in that 20ft the cable had broken and the best way to find out where was to cut it in half, then half again etc until we arrived at a working cable. So he divided the cable in half and made a clean cut, then tested both 10ft sections to see which piece worked. And only John could cut that cable perfectly in half and hand me back 2 perfectly working 10ft cable, having cut the exact point where it had broken.
John, you will be missed and Juniper will be a lesser place without you.

Jaki Wilford
Share condolences and memories via Fenix Memorials:
John would also appreciate donations to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds:


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