Juniper Covid19 Log



It’s safe to say many of us are feeling the strain by now. And the news of an extended Lockdown doesn’t leave many reasons to be cheerful. We appear to be waiting for Science to provide a vaccine which will restore some kind of everyday life.
The good news is that Science has already confirmed what many already knew – that helping others not only makes you feel good, it is good for you. Information which seems very timely now.
The great feeling of working together is not just emotional, it is as chemical as a bottle of wine. A scientific fact. When we do something nice for others, without conditions, measurable doses of so-called ‘feel-good’ hormones like the Endorphins and Seratonin are released in the brain. These create a ‘Helper’s High’ as stimulating and potentially addictive as any artificial substance, and are designed to keep us helping and caring. Everyone’s a winner – as long as the actions are sincere.
Another thing it’s probably safe to say is that everyone hearing our amazing Thursday night balcony tributes to key-workers knows exactly what the scientists are talking about. Or they wouldn’t happen.
We are all now discovering the true value of those who perform the most essential tasks in society. And hopefully, we are also getting too hooked on the Endorphin-hit of helping and caring to do without it.
If we change that much, it won’t all have been for nothing. Essential workers will not need to risk their lives at work, or have mass public demonstrations to get respect, decent wages and conditions.
The Scouts motto of Do A Good Deed Every Day has always been something of a joke, but its time may have come as a pick-me-up for everyone facing yet another photocopy-day in Lockdown.
When it ends, our first handshake will mean something very different to every one we had before. And hopefully, by then, the world will be a slightly more appreciative place, at least.


As a person who has had to remain in Lockdown for 3 months, I would like to thank Pie and Mash Mutual Aid @ The Field in Queen’s Road for my Thursday night food deliveries. This service has been invaluable to many in the area.
It seems that their original grant is now running low, and further crowd-funding is needed to carry on the good work.
Please help.
telephone: 0785 702 4435

A Grateful Resident

Mutual Aid Delivery System