Juniper TRA Minutes Archive (2015 – 2022)


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Juniper House Tenants & Residents Association
Minutes • Annual General Meeting #7 • 21/06/2022 • 7.30pm • Juniper Garden

Present: Coralie Allison (Treasurer). Tim Burrow. Zeba Mohebeadali. Rob Kenyon (Secretary). Cherrie Stephens (Vice Chair) Jaki Wilford (Chair). Rita Edmond (Southwark Group of Tenants Association.)

1) Apologies for Absence. Karl Bolingbroke.
2) Approval of Minutes of last AGM. Minutes approved.
a) Constitutional proposal.
This meeting gives approval to move the date of the Annual General Meeting from November to June.
Proposed Secretary. Seconded Chair. Passed Unanimously.
3) Presentation of Accounts.
a) Authorised accounts 2020/21
The Treasurer presented the accounts for last year, which were approved unanimously.
b) The total expenditure for 2020/21 was £1996.72. A deficit on income of £696.72.
Balance carried forward for the year: £31,668.20
Balance at 22/10/2021: £32,968
4) Annual Reports
a) Finance Report.
Balance at 21/06/2022: £32, 447.99
b) Secretary’s Report
The secretary presented a list of all the proposals passed during the year, which was approved as a true record of events.
c) Building and Maintenance.
i) The latest LBS theory for damp in flats is that shade from trees near the block is cooling the walls and causing condensation.
The Clerk of Works has been asked to explain why north-facing rooms, which are constantly in shade, do not suffer most from this problem. No explanation received as yet.
ii) Defective Garden Light repaired.
iii) Residents again urged to report faults at every opportunity.
Rita Edmond assumed the chair.
5) Election of Officers
a) Chair. Jaki Wilford. nominated Treasurer. Seconded Vice Chair. Passed unanimously.
b) Vice Chair. Cherrie Stephens. Nominated Chair. Seconded Tim Burrow. Passed unanimously.
c) Secretary. Rob Kenyon. Nominated, Chair. Seconded Treasurer. Passed unanimously.
d) Treasurer. Coralie Allison. Nominated, Secretary. Seconded, Vice Chair. Passed unanimously.
e) Committee Members.
Tim Burrow. Nominated Secretary. Seconded, Treasurer. Passed unanimously.
Zeba Mohebeadali. Nominated, Chair. Seconded Treasurer. Passed unanimously.
f) Area Representative. Coralie volunteered to take part in Southwark Group of Tenants Zoom meetings and report back to Juniper meetings.
Jaki Wilford resumed the chair.
6) Appointment of Auditors
a) Proposal: Southwark Group of Tenants Organisation to be appointed auditors of accounts for financial year 2022/2023. Proposed Secretary. Seconded, Chair. Passed Unanimously.
7) Any Other Business
Young residents present were consulted on their ideas for the summer.
A Volleyball net. Court lines to be repainted. Netting roof for ball-court. Trampoline.
Items to be discussed fully at next meeting.
Alex McClean was elected as Young People’s Representative, to report any concerns and further ideas to committee members.
8) Date of Next Meeting
a) AGM, June 21st 2023.
b) TRA Meeting 28/06/2022

Minutes above approved at Meeting #51 • 14/07/2022

See ‘Minutes Archive’


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