Major Works Consultation Night Highlights

28th February 2017. Flat 1.
• No parking in the forecourt for a year. Disabled parking situation to be clarified.
• Individual flat surveys to start within two weeks.
• Satellite dishes to stay after contract. Or at least until Southwark makes up its mind.
According to officers, the long term plan is to remove all disks from LBS blocks.
• All rear balconies to be cleared for work.
• Ventilation system of downpipes to be investigated as possible cause of back-ups into bathrooms.
• Drains surveyed and cctv’d. Awaiting report.
• LBS compiling list of vulnerable residents in order to take their needs into consideration.
• Leaseholder service charge deadline challenged.
• Charges for lead replacement challenged on grounds that block was insured for theft.
• Progress group to meet monthly.



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