TRA Inaugural Meeting 25th June 2015

Juniper Inaugural TRA Meeting Draft Minutes (TBA). Thursday 7.30pm. 25/6/2015. Brimtonroy Hall, Culmore Road. SE15 2RQ.

Brendan Gillen LBS. Cllr Sandra Rhule. Mustapha Semanda LBS.
Natasha Meroni 13. Karl Bolingbroke 18. Alimat Lawson 23. Jackie Wilford 14. Rob Kenyon 32. Claire Phillips 60. Kirsten Dunham 60. Paul Hood 73. Coralie Allison 16. Nick Cattermole 71. Maureen Ismay 4.

Serena Simon. Tim Burrows.

Brendan Gillen (LBS) informed the meeting of the procedural requirements of a TRA, gave a brief summary of the constitution, the duties of elected officers, and explained that the election of officers was the only stage needed to form the association.
The respective roles and powers of the committee and general meeting were dicussed.

Election of Officers
The following residents were unanimously elected as officers of Juniper TRA
Chair. Jackie Wilford. (proposed R. Kenyon. seconded C. Phillips.)
Vice-Chair. Paul Hood. (proposed R. Kenyon. seconded J Wilford.)
Treasurer. Claire Phillips. (proposed Kirsten Dunham. seconded J Wilford.)
Secretary. Rob Kenyon. (proposed Kirsten Dunham . seconded C. Phillips.)
Coralie Allison, Nick Cattermole and Maureen Ismay were elected as committee members.

Adoption of Model Constitution
The meeting unanimously voted to accept the model constitution. (10/11)

Appointment of Auditor
Southwark Group of Tenants Organisation are to be contaqcted regarding free accountancy services.

‘Ideas For Year Ahead’
The practicalities of summer events to be discussed at the first TRA meeting.
Various funding sources available.
Storage space for the TRA is a matter of urgency, and the unused corner groundfloor room (30A) was discussed.

Next Meeting
July 9. 7.30. Brimtonroy TH.


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