New Damp Menace

Typical state of front pipework cabinets

Can residents please check the metal cabinets on the walkways (underneath bathroom windows) for signs of leakage.
Some pipes from the kitchens and bathrooms are corroding badly.
One pipe failed spectacularly recently and flooded the three flats beneath down to the ground floor.
Water would still be pouring if the family at the source of the leak had not taken the decision to do without their bathroom and kitchen in order to prevent inconvenience to neighbours – at huge inconvenience to themselves.
On inspection, the fault proved to be a severely corroded waste-pipe in the walkway access-cabinet. There was a rupture along the length of the underside of the exposed copper pipe, which was paper-thin and crumbling to the touch.
The fault was clearly not the result of accidental fracture, or negligent installation, but long term corrosion. The other pipes and fittings in the cabinet also showed signs of their age and lack of maintenance.
It is highly likely that this kind of problem will happen elsewhere on the block, and clear that a complete survey of all pipework inspection-cabinets should be made as soon as possible with a view to wholesale maintenance.
report leaks from cabinets to

‘Hello, Emergency Services Speaking – Wait 5 days.’

This case also raised serious questions about Southwark’s ‘Emergency Repairs’ service, which took from Sunday afternoon to Thursday afternoon to take decisive action; and about LBS departments which repeatedly mislaid fault reports from 3 separate flats, and which continually and blatantly passed the case between each other and round again in a contemptuous circle.


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