Juniper Co-op R.I.P.

Dissolution Meeting • Juniper House Co-operative • 16/01/2020
30A Juniper House • 7.30pm

Aftab Hussain, Wendy Watts, Jackie Wilford (vice chair), George Stables, Claire Palmer, Colleen Williams, Tim Burrow (secretary), Paul Hood, Coralie Allison, Cherrie Stevens, Peter Marchetti, Ali Jayne, Rob Kenyon (treasurer). LBS: Martin Kovats. Richard Amoah.
Proxies accepted by the meeting: Owen Wilbury for Nicola Hayward (44). Jerome Godfrey for Mina Mileva (49). Taye Yusuff for Kolawole Yusuff (8).

1. Apologies. Lloyd Trott (chair). Meeting chaired by Jackie Wilford.

2. Distribution and inspection of Instrument of Dissolution.
Copies of the Instrument, and related documents, were distributed for inspection.
The treasurer gave a brief summary of the implications of Dissolution, stressing that any funds passed on to Juniper TRA could only be used for the general benefit of the community. And also pointing out that the task of running two organisations at once was unsustainable.

2. Discussion.
Q) to Richard Amoah (LBS). Would it be possible for Juniper Coop to write a cheque to Juniper TRA as soon as the Dissolution Proposal was passed tonight?
A) Yes, with the proviso that the TRA might not qualify to its annual grant if it is deemed its reserves are too large.

3. Proposal.
‘Following the termination of the Management Agreement with Southwark Council in 2015, we resolve to dissolve the Coop following the disposal of all its assets.
We agree to transfer all the remaining assets of the Coop to the Juniper House TRA, with the proviso that the TRA only uses these funds to meet the Coop and TRA’s agreed objectives in interest of the Juniper community.’
Following the transfer of its assets, the Coop’s Management Committee will initiate the formal dissolution of the Coop with the Financial Conduct Authority.’
Proposed Aftab Hussain. Seconded: Tim Burrow. Passed Unanimously.

4. Other Business.
The Instrument was signed by all members present. The remaining permissions required to be collected door-to-door. Tim and Coralie volunteered to assist.
Identification distributed on sealed Juniper Coop notepaper.
75% of membership permission required.
There were various expressions of regret that a 40 year era was ended, given the role Juniper House Co-operative played in extending the life of Juniper House, and in providing an example of grass roots community action.

5. Next meeting.
TBA if required.


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