Juniper House. Meeting 28th May 2015

Juniper Action Group Meeting. Thursday 7.30pm. May 28. Brimtonroy Hall, Culmore Rd. SE15 2RQ all residents welcome.

Many residents were confused about the meeting unilaterally called by London Borough of Southwark for May 18th to decide the future of Juniper House. In the event, the meeting was inquorate, and members of LBS Community Engagement Division have agreed to attend our planned meeting on May 28th to answer questions related to Tenant and Resident Associations. (TRA’s). This meeting will be the one which decides whether there is a viable group of Juniper residents interested in forming a TRA, and also to measure possible interest in becoming officers (Chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer). This meeting will not make us a TRA, but without it, we cannot move to the next stage of becoming one. LBS officials will be present to clarify the duties of TRA officers. If the results are positive, an official LBS-overseen Inaugural Meeting could take place towards the end of June. If that meeting votes in favour, and officers are elected, Juniper would be a recognised TRA.


The meeting on the 28th May (this Thursday) will also discuss outstanding repairs issues and other business (see proposed agenda below). LBS Repairs Coordinator Justin Hall has agreed to attend, along with local councillor Sandra Rhule. Meeting of the year so far, without doubt. Please come and have your say.


Provisional Agenda
1. Apologies & Introductions
2. Approval of Minutes
3. Suggestions for amendments to agenda
4. Tenant and Residents Association proposal
5. Repairs Business
6. Update on storage space
7. Garden Issues
8. Other Business
9. Next Meeting


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